How to feel yourself

There has never been a time in my life that i felt myself like i a'm doing right now.I wish i could go back in time and retrieve all the moments i was running away from myself.I just couldn't accept myself  for who i was.I regret the years that i spent comparing rather than appreciating... Continue Reading →


Walking bottle of body spray

Hey darlings!!! Today marks the beginning of a new month and i took some time to see how far i was with my 2017 resolutions.Funny enough i had actually forgotten some of the resolutions (don't be like me please ) but anyways i know i still have 4 more months ahead of me to do... Continue Reading →

Authenticated truth!!!!! …….. cant change your past. I am now convinced that there is a reason why things in my past remained in the past. There are irrefutable things that takes place in people's lives, that every time they visit their my minds, they sweat profusely with anger or they end up with  totally marred moods and... Continue Reading →

Detoxify your life

I never  realized just how much a happy young lady i have grown to be until one of my colleagues asked how i'm always happy with all that is happening in our day to day life- socially,economically ,you name it.Frankly speaking , nothing out of this planet happened to me.I just discovered a few things... Continue Reading →

Choose to be happy

.....choose to be happy.Are you happy? If not ,then allow me to question you again ,why not?. I know  right now you are like, "is this lady crazy! who on earth is really happy?"yeah you are right, i'm totally crazy,crazy over the issue of choosing to be happy and yeahhhh really happy people do exist.We see... Continue Reading →

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